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The VTM900 is a GPS pay as you go tracking system with the addition of 2 Driver Recognition Cards. The system provides the security of knowing that if the vehicle is stolen with the vehicle keys but without the Driver Recognition Cards, the owner will be alerted by text message allowing them the option to remotely locate or immobilise a vehicle.

It will also provide notifications by text to alert the user in the event that the system is triggered by movement without the keys in the ignition or by being towed away or removed on a low-loader or similar. The system is also equipped with optional auxiliary functions like panic alarm and alarm siren alerts.

Please call before placing your order to check for vehicle compatibility.

Model: VTM900

Product Description



The unit is intended to assist in situations where there is a risk of vehicle theft with keys. The system will send an alert in the event that a vehicle is moved without driver recognition cards present. It will also communicate the whereabouts of the vehicle as well as allowing the user to locate and (or) immobilise the vehicle remotely.  It can be installed in a number of configurations and can be wired to the horn and indicators or with a panic button (or with all three) depending on the requirements of the driver.


The unit is supplied with two driver recognition cards (another3 can be added) the two driver recognition cards are designed to alert if the vehicle is driven without the cards present. The system will also provide the facility to locate a vehicle, immobilise a vehicle or trigger a siren and indicator alerts depending on the pre - determined method of installation. The unit can be used to track a vehicle via a pay as you go sim card (not provided) and as such, has no ongoing subscription

The unit can accept up to 4 numbers and will text these simultaneously  in the following circumstances:

  • The vehicle is moved with the keys but without the Driver Recognition Card present.
  • The vehicle is moved without keys in the ignition – i.e. towed or put on the back of a low-loader  e.t.c.
  • The vehicle is jacked up in the event of wheel theft (or similar)
  • The vehicle battery is low or disconnected.

*The unit also offers the facility to connect to an alarm trigger input or  panic/emergency button (or similar).


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