Vodafone Asset Defence

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The compact, cost-effective solution for recovering stolen business property.

The easy way to protect your assets. Vodafone Asset Defence is a simple and cost-effective way to recover stolen assets.

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Vodafone Automotive

Product Description


Don’t let theft disrupt your business

Theft is a constant problem for organisations of all sizes in every sector. And it’s not just the financial hit — although insurance premiums can rocket. It is the side effects that are so damaging. The disruption to daily operations, the mountains of paperwork and the productivity lost while waiting for replacements. That’s why so many businesses are better off if they’re able to quickly recover stolen assets.

Telematics devices can help. In the past, the cost and complexity of installing these devices has been offputting. But that is changing. Today, businesses can protect their vital property — such as generators, pallets or machinery — with discreet, low-cost trackers.

Recover stolen property

Vodafone Asset Defence is a compact, easy-to-install and cost-effective solution to safeguard your business from the disruption thefts cause. It increases your chances of recovering stolen property. Our telematics units are small enough to be fitted to almost any item, and also comes in a ruggedised and waterproofed version. They use Vodafone’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology to locate stolen property, with a battery that can last up to two years in the field. What’s more, our unique dual-tracking feature — which uses both GPS and GSM cell ID location — delivers reliable, accurate and quick tracking, and can be used in more than 40 countries across the globe.

How it works

  1. Install: Packet of cards-sized tracker can be discreetly fitted to almost any asset.
  2. Activate: Asset Defence can be easily activated following minimal training.
  3. Wake up: The device wakes from sleep mode once or several times a day to check its status.
  4. Alert: If the asset is stolen, the owner notifies the police and Vodafone.
  5. Trace: The Vodafone team use the on-board GPS and GSM capabilities to locate the asset.
  6. Retrieve: Vodafone liaise with police in 49 countries to recover stolen property.

Ideal for businesses across all industries

The easy-to-install Vodafone Asset Defence telematics units can protect a variety of assets.


In the UK alone, the construction industry loses £800 million every year through theft of plant machinery and raw materials. And recovery rates are low — just one in ten construction companies recover stolen property.

Vodafone Asset Defence makes it easy to track your most important equipment and recover it. Because the devices are easily transferrable after refitting and a simple call to our customer service team, you can put them on almost anything that leaves your yard on its way to a site.


With hospital budgets under strain, theft can have a very real impact on healthcare providers’ ability to care for patients. In the UK, the NHS loses £13 million every year from hospital thefts.2 Many stolen items, such as hospital beds, heart-rate monitors or automated external defibrillators, are shipped overseas. Vodafone Asset Defence gives you peace of mind, because it works in over 40 countries across the globe.


Theft of stock is a serious drain on profitability for retailers, but historically, it hasn’t been cost effective to install telematics technology on individual pallets. Vodafone Asset Defence is a game changer. And unlike some telematics devices, Vodafone Asset Defence can use GSM cell ID for location data — so you don’t need to worry about poor GPS coverage indoors.

Public sector

Nine out of ten councils in the UK have reported that their services have been disrupted because of metal theft. Such losses affect rail and tram services and the power delivered to homes and hospitals. These incidents also make roads and pavements less safe, with manhole covers a frequent target. Vodafone Asset Defence provides a cost-effective way to protect critical assets, ensuring councils don’t have to divert money away from public services.



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