Vehicle Engine Run Lock System

Vehicle Engine Run System

The engine run system is designed as a secure way to keep the vehicle engine running while the keys are removed. This is ideal for Police, Ambulance, Fire Service, Refrigerated Vehicles, etc.

Our Price Supplied and Installed - £275 inc Vat

How the system operates:

  • With the engine running press the run button, this low lights up blue
  • Now the keys can be removed from the ignition with the engine still running
  • Lock the doors (A separate remote door locking module is required for some vehicles)
  • Return to the vehicle, put the keys back in and turn to “ignition on” position, Press the clutch pedal to cancel the system (or handbrake for automatic vehicles).

If an attempt is made to drive the vehicle without the keys the system will stop the engine when the clutch (or handbrake for automatic vehicles) is operated.