Trafficmaster Trackstar Advance (S5)

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From the 31st December 2018 Thatcham categories have changed. All previous category 6 or 7, will automatically comply to new ‘Asset Location Systems’ criteria Category S7

Trackstar Advance by Trafficmaster is a top of the range tracking system which benefits from new innovative driver identification and anti-key cloning technology, designed to combat sophisticated methods of car theft. This tracker is Thatcham CAT S5 approved and supported by major insurers.

Trackstar Advance offers all the tracking features of standard devices in the market such as GPS and GSM technology but also provides a range of added security features aimed at preventing electronic thefts, which are becoming more frequent these days.

Driver recognition tag immobilisers are not compatible with all vehicles. Some vehicles with a start button do not have an ignition supply circuit that is live until the engine is running which is required to pre-activate the tag reader. Please check with our sales team before purchasing.

If you have an Electric or Hybrid car, please contact us at 01274 733 633
Model: TM470 V9 Advance

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Product Description


How Trackstar Advance works:

In response to thefts where a cloned vehicle key has been used, Trackstar have developed a unique driver identification card which needs to be present in the car when the engine starts. If the driver identification card isn’t present, the vehicle’s engine won’t start. When you leave the vehicle, you take the driver identification card with you – without the card present, the vehicle’s engine immobilises within 30 seconds. This puts a stop to car theft operations that rely on the use of a cloned key.

In addition, Trackstar Advance’s motion sensor technology provides an alert if the vehicle is moved without the keys in the ignition. Once a theft is confirmed by you, the system’s GPS technology pinpoints and locates the vehicle every 20 seconds. This means that there is an excellent chance of your vehicle being recovered very quickly and usually within 24 hours. The shortest recovery time to date has been just 8 minutes!

Trackstar Advance is fully supported by all police authorities and over 20 major car manufacturers. The system works in the UK and most European countries. This tracking system has been developed in conjunction with the Thatcham Motor Research Centre and Trafficmaster’s OEM partners.

Main features of Trafficmaster Trackstar Advance

  • Top of the range tracking system suitable for all vehicles.
  • Includes sophisticated driver identification / anti-key cloning technology.
  • Motion sensor triggers when the car is moved when not in use.
  • Benefits from GPS and GSM technology used for pinpoint tracking vehicles every 20 seconds.
  • Supported by all police authorities nationwide.
  • Innovative technology is designed to thwart electronic and other sophisticated methods of car theft.
  • Discreet unit format ensures that the system remains undetected.
  • Insurance approved – which may help lower premiums.
  • Backed by major car manufacturers.
  • Works in the UK and offers pan-European coverage
  • Thatcham CAT S5 approved.
  • Access powerful tracking features with the Trackstar App for Android and iOS.

Tracker monitoring is available 24 hours per day, every day.

Monitor your vehicle with the Trackstar App, the Stolen Vehicle Tracking App for Android and IOS.

The Trackstar App provides Trackstar customers with powerful functions to complement the Trackstar tracking system, such as:

Vehicle Location: Will show you the last known location of the vehicle, normally where the vehicle was parked.

Geofencing: Enables a Trackstar customer to define a location and receive an email alert if the vehicle is moved outside of the geofence.

Journey History: Provides a view of recent journeys.

Journey Replay: Allows the customer to replay a recent journey, showing the position of the vehicle and its speed for the duration of the journey. The app is now available and is downloadable from iTunes and Google Playstore.

Trackstar App
Trackstar App
Trackstar App


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