Tracker Monitor (Cat 7)

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Tracker Monitor is a high quality Very High Frequency (VHF) tracking device and is currently one of the most cost effective trackers on the market. This system is insurance and Thatcham CAT S7 approved and is supported by the police force nationwide. Tracker Monitor works in the UK and abroad in Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Holland and Luxembourg.

Model: 50353

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Product Description


How Tracker Monitor works:

Tracker Monitor works like an electronic homing device and comes in the form of a small, discreet transmitter which is fitted in or around your vehicle, out of sight. It remains undetected to thieves as there are no visible identifiers.

The system is set to alert Tracker’s HQ when it recognises movement without the ignition being turned on. Tracker will then notify you to check and confirm whether a theft has been made.

Upon confirmation of a theft, Tracker Monitor’s VHF signal is activated and this technology is then used by police to track and locate your vehicle as quickly as possible. VHF still works even if your vehicle is being kept in a shipping container, garage or underground car park, unlike GPS and GSM based trackers.

In terms of police support, over 1500 police cars and 30 helicopters are already fitted with Tracker detection systems, making recovery much easier and faster.

Once located, if your vehicle is found in mainland Great Britain, Tracker will send a uniformed guard to wait with your vehicle until it can be recovered and delivered back to you.

Main features of Tracker Monitor:

  • High quality tracking system with VHF technology.
  • Cost effective and excellent value for money.
  • Supported by the police force – they already have Tracker detection systems fitted in many vehicles.
  • Unit format is small and discreet.
  • Motion sensor alerts when vehicle is moved without the keys in the ignition.
  • VHF technology is unaffected by GPS and GSM jammers.
  • Locates vehicles that are underground or in lock-ups.
  • Coverage throughout the UK and some European countries.

Insurance approved and backed by many major car manufacturers.

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    48hr recovery guarantee means:

    Subscription will be refunded if the vehicle with in 48 hours


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