Meta M43 Immobiliser

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Thatcham accredited Immobilser with RF Driver Recognition Cards

A passive arming immobiliser with 2 RF Driver Recognition cards as well as an emergency touch key override. The unit will passive arm after 20 seconds and will remain immobilised until the Driver Recognition Cards and ignition key are next present. The M43 is further enhanced by the addition of a third output for additional immobilisation cut or can be programmed to anti-hijack mode to trigger a horn or siren.

Please call before placing your order to check for vehicle compatibility.

Model: META-M43
Meta Systems

Product Description



Ideal for vehicles needing additional OBD protection. The RF  Driver Recogniton Cards provide greater security to vehicles left on site overnight or parked up / stored in a remote location. Because there is an option to purchase either a 12v or 24v application the unit can be fitted to all vehicles from plant equipment to HGVs.


The system is enhanced by the provision of two RF Driver Recognition Cards and can have up to 4 programmed in.   These cards will protect the vehicle from theft with keys in the event that a theft is attempted where the Driver Recognition Cards are not present.

A 3rd immobilisation cut can be added if required via an auxiliary output (this would require the addition of a relay). The system can utilise the auxiliary output as an anti-hijack mode and can be used to trigger the alarm or horn in the event that a vehicle is driven without the RF Driver Recognition Card present. Please note that this would require programming during installation and cannot be used in conjunction with the 3rd immobilisation circuit. 


The unit is suitable for all vehicles, plant equipment, LCVs and HGVs.  It is available as either a 12v or 24v applications. Please be sure to let us know your requirements when placing an order.


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