ECU Engine Re-mapping & Tuning

Rev CounterWe use good quality tuned files written by experienced engineers that are custom tuned for each vehicles ECU software.

What you can expect from a re-map

  • mproved power, both BHP and Torque up to 20-30% increase
  • Eliminate flat spots
  • Improved throttle response
  • Improved fuel economy, 5-20% depending on load, road conditions, driving style & tyre pressure

Re-mapping your car will give you a whole new experience in driving your vehicle.

Many re-map companies offer more than one re-map option (e.g. Power, economy, etc.) but we believe that our files are so comprehensive and unlock the full potential of the vehicles engine that we don’t need to offer this. All our files are within safe limits and do not put any part of the engine under stress.

Performance and Economy ECU Remaping From £199, Split ECU From £350 dependant on vehicle.

Increased Performance

How do we re-map your vehicle?

Pre 2009 – these vehicles are re-mapped using the diagnostics port (OBD connector), by plugging in a computer and reading the software files from the ECU. The maps are then changed within the files (hence the term re-mapping) and the files is then saved back onto the ECU. The ECU file can be put back to its factory settings at any time (at no extra cost).

2009 Onwards – ECU manufacturers started using a new chip (called tri-core) which offered car manufacturers protection encryption to block any ECU file amendments. On these vehicles we have to use a different method of reading and writing the files which involves removing the ECU and opening the lid to make connections inside, the end result is the same it just takes a little longer to complete the process. Not all re-mapping companies can offer this service as they do not have the correct equipment.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve Deletion service

What is an EGR Valve?

This valve burns fuel by recirculating a portion of the exhaust gases through the combustion process again.

Many vehicle owners are finding that the EGR valve becomes blocked or fails to work correctly which in turn leads to running problems. Replacement valves can soon become a costly experience as is the other alternative of having them removed and cleaned.

We however are able to offer vehicle owners a safe removal of the EGR operation from your ECU which means the valve will then be bypassed. If the EGR valve is physically removed but not disabled through the ECU system there are various problems that may occur.


  • Excessive temperatures
  • ECU Fault/Warning lights
  • Lack of power and response
  • Possible Detonation*

* If the EGR valve has been removed but not disabled through the ECU your vehicle will be at risk due to the fuel burning prematurely.

General Information

Q: What is the difference between ECU remapping and a tuning box?

A: A tuning box is designed to increase the fuel pressure and injection periods. Re-mapping will ensure and even spread of power as the ECU processes everything, also adjusting the torque and turbo limiters.

Q: What do you actually modify in my vehicle?

A: Modifications are only made to your existing software that is stored in your vehicles ECU. The ECU is an onboard computer that controls certain processes such as ignition, timing, fuel consumption and various other functions that enable the running of your vehicle. When we re-map your vehicle we will analyze the maps that are already stored on your vehicles ECU and then find and amend the settings thus optimizing your vehicles running. A copy of your vehicles original maps will also be stored on the ECU should you wish to revert back to its original factory settings.

Q: Does it matter if me vehicle runs on petrol or diesel?

A: No. Re-mapping works for both but Turbo Diesel Injection models (TDi) will show the greatest improvements in both performance and economy.

Q: Why would me vehicle not have the optimal maps installed as standard?

A: There are a number of reasons but initially there are laws restricting the power a vehicle is allowed, this is between 2000 -3000RPM, this is to ensure that all cars are standard and also to control emissions. Manufacturers also have to take into consideration that not all owners will service their vehicles as recommended.

Common Concerns

Q: Is Re-mapping legal?

A: All our re-maps are carried out within the manufacturers safety tolerance zones so they are entirely legal.

Q: Is there any risk to my vehicle?

A: Providing your vehicle has been serviced on a regular basis and all the main engine parts are in good working order there are no risks to the vehicle. We will however not undertake to re-map any vehicle that has not been maintained to the manufacturer’s guidelines or where the vehicle has engine faults as re-mapping would highlight these problems. Our re-maps are specific for each vehicle thus ensuring the optimum result.

Q: Will I have to inform my insurers?

A: Although a re-map cannot easily be detected we strongly advise owners to inform their insurance company, who may or may not add a premium, as the vehicle has been modified.

Q: Once my vehicle has been re-mapped do I need to use a better class of fuel?

A: The fuel used will make no difference to your vehicles performance.

Q: Will my vehicle CO2 emissions increase after a re-map?

A: The amount of CO2 emissions is dependent on how much fuel your vehicle consumes. Once your vehicle has been re-mapped the fuel consumption should be reduced, therefore your emissions should also reduce.